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On-Site Consulting

Case Study Group - A one or two day, on-site workshop for senior or mid-level management. Participants work with their own personal case studies that are pertinent to their immediate business issues and interpersonal interactions. The concepts and skill set are taught using personal case studies so that the application is immediate and relevant to real time issues. Limited to eight people per session. Case studies must be submitted two weeks prior to engagement.

Learning Dialogues - A full scale intervention program which surfaces current organizational business, interpersonal and cultural challenges.

The first stage is a collection of perspectives on the current challenges facing the organization through a series of private individual interviews.

In the second stage, the information and perspectives from the interviews are anonymously collated into a narrative format that helps organizational members frame difficult issues in a productive manner. In the collage of perspectives, Bill Noonan utilizes the technique of mapping to illustrate various defensive routines, frames issues as dilemmas to be managed and generates a set of inquiries to encourage further thinking.

In the third stage, the collage of perspective is distributed among chosen participants who assemble for a series of learning dialogues. In these facilitated sessions, participants exercise their skills to move the dialogue forward on their most pressing issues.