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Sustaining Your Practice

The key to a successful application of action learning concepts and skills is practice, practice and more practice. Practice is best conducted in a safe, trusting environment where participants can experiment with new behaviors, exercise their skills and receive productive feedback. I offer two on-line formats. Both formats are based on the writing of a personal LHC-RHC case study. The LHC-RHC case study format is the premier method of reflection for applying the skills and concepts to the learner’s immediate personal situation.


Click here to download Guidelines for Writing A Case Study


Virtual Coach

Write a personal LHC-RHC case study and send it to me. I will review the case and email you back my analysis and suggestions for working the case. My notes include:

  • A diagnosis of the advocacy statements and questions
  • Identification of current frame of mind based on LHC thinking
  • Exercises to help you apply the ladder of inference to your thinking
  • Suggestions for an alternative frame of mind using the Key Thought Enablers
  • Examples of how I would model the skills of advocacy and inquiry specific to your case


Cost: $100.00