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The phrase “The way things work around here” is probably the most commonly heard phrase in the workplace that indicates an organizational defensive routine is in place. As a trained folklorist, I know that there are always variations for how we express what we commonly experience. I would like to invite you to join me in an age old folklore practice of collecting sayings. What are the phrases you hear around the workplace that indicate an organizational defensive routine or ‘undiscussable’ exists?

Collected Sayings:

The King wants to go water skiing, start rowing.

The way things work around here.

The elephant in the room.

Nine hundred pound gorilla.

Well, at least I sipped the kool-aid.

Afraid to grab the nettles. (A British thought. To pull nettles out, one must grab them solidly at the base, else the nettles run through your hand as you pull too gently.)